My Skillset

Lean UX & Agile Product Development

  • Outcomes, not outputs — I believe in using design to solve real business problems.
  • Deep cross functional collaboration — To understand technical, business & human constraints.
  • Build, measure, learn — A belief in design at speed to validate assumptions and iterate based on new knowledge.
  • Working software over documentation — I ensure any learnings are filtered directly into working software, not gathering dust in Google Docs.

UX Research

  • End to end process Experience planning, conducting and synthesizing studies to understand user needs; pain points.
  • Lean approach  Adapting methodologies based on team requirements.
  • The tool for the right job
    Discover — What do users need?
    Evaluate— Can they use it?
    Measure — Are customers satisfied with it?

Experience Design

  • Simple, clear, persuasive design — With the aim of reducing cognitive load and user frustration.

  • Tailored design process — The process should suit the engagement, not the other way round. Tailor approach to meet project needs.

  • Decisions grounded in reason I align my design decisions to business goals, user needs and technical constraints.


  • The curb cut effect I believe that designing with accessibility in mind benefits everyone.
  • Component mindset Designing from a component perspective leads to more accessible, modular solutions.
  • Form design Explicit understanding of designing accessible forms.

Information Architecture

  • Content auditing — To understand site structure and content categories.

  • Card sorting — Experience facilitating card sorting sessions to organize content.

  • UX writing Writing labels and descriptive copy. with a focus on clarity, specificity and consistency.

Design Systems

  • Component Definition — Conducting UX audits to inform component definition.
  • Component Design — Experience building scalable, responsive, accessible components.
  • Documentation – Have contributed to component documentation sites.
  • Training — Trained designers on use of UI libraries.


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Experience Designer

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